Prime Mover Dune Lankard protects Alaska’s ecosystem. Photo by Ray Corral.

Swanee Hunt Alternatives built the Prime Movers: Cultivating Social Capital program on the basis that social movements have repeatedly re-woven the tapestry of our country’s history. We chose to invest in men and women who seek to bend the arc of history toward justice, believing we would see a significant return on our investment as these individuals engage millions in pursuit of social change thus strengthening civic engagement across the United States.

We look for trailblazers following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Susan B. Anthony, César Chávez, and Martin Luther King, Jr. We’ve chosen to support these leaders on an individual basis instead of their organizations. This focus allows leaders to think beyond their institutions and take on broader, more pivotal roles within their movements. We recognize that one day the leader could potentially transcend their organization in service to the movement as a whole.